Future Events and Activities:

  • Oct 2009: DBIA Annual Conference
  • Dec. 8-10, 2009: buildingSMART Alliance Conference
  • AGC BIMForum

Previous Events:

  • April 2009: PACE Seminar. Presented BIM Project Execution Planning Procedure.
  • Dec 2008: buildingSMART Alliance Conference: Presentation at December 2008 conference in Washington, DC. Presentation by John Messner on the development of the BIM Execution Planning Process .
  • Oct 2008: PACE Roundtable: Session focused on BIM implementation. Focus group with industry members to discuss the planning procedure.
  • Oct 1-2, 2008: AGC BIMForum in Falls Church, VA. Attend and industry interviews.
  • July 23-25, 2008: COBIE demo at the National Academy of Sciences. Attend and identify contacts.
  • AGC BIM Forum (June 29-30, 2008): Attend and conduct interviews with BIM experts.
  • PACE Seminar 2008: Presentation by Deke Smith focused on the buildingSMART Alliance, and John Messner focused on the BIM Execution Planning project.