Editing the Wiki

The BIM wiki is quite easy to edit with the what you see is what you get editor feature. For more information on editing, you can reference the Wikispaces demo videos or the Wikispaces editing page.

Adding Photos and Files

Photos and files can be easily uploaded with the 'Insert Images and Files' icon in the editor.

Adding Slideshows or Presentations

You can either upload the PowerPoint file using the Photo icon in the editor, or you can embed a slideshow widget using the TV icon in the Editor. One very good slide sharing service is Slideshare. You can upload your presentation files, and then you can embed the slide show into the wiki by using the Embed a Slideshow widget and then copying the text from the 'Embed in your Blog' location in slideshare and copying it into the 'Other' area in with widget. Embeding the show via Slideshare allows people to quickly and easily navigate the presentation. You can also achieve the same objective with Google Slideshows if you use Google Docs by using a very similar method.

Adding Video

To add video, you can create a flash video file and insert the flash file into the page using the Photo icon in the Editor. This will allow you to upload the flash file and insert it into the page. Note that the file will be limited to 20 MB. You can also choose to embed video hosted in other locations, e.g., YouTube, TeacherTube, and others, by using the small TV icon in the editor (Embed Widget). One very good video storage site for video quality and video file formats is Vimeo. You can create a free account to upload your video files (up to 500 MB per week) and then post the file to the Vimeo site. Then, to embed a video in BIM Wiki, select the 'Embed' button in Vimeo and copy the html text. Then go to BIM Wiki editing and select the Widget Tool external image embed.gif ("Other HTML") and then paste the html text into the box. Make sure that the video is public since Vimeo gives several options for security and all users will not be able to see the video if it is private. To create video files from screen captures, you can use Camtasia Studio (installed in the ICon Lab) or Jing(currently a Beta program that is free to download but only allows for flash video output).

Adding Tags

Try to remember to enter appropriate Tags to your pages. Tags can be entered when creating or editing a page at the bottom of the editing area.

Advanced Editing

For advanced editing options, a good source is a wikispace site titled SealWyf which includes many innovative formatting options.