Goal: Design Authoring


Schematic Design, Design Development


[_] Create building information model and construction documents
[_] Document and present the design to all stakeholders
[_] Coordination between various disciplines facilitated through interference detection
[_] Communication of design intent to the client, consultants and other stakeholders


A process in which 3D software is used to develop a BIM model based on criteria that is important to the translation of the building’s design.
Two groups of applications are at the core of BIM-base design process:
  • Design Authoring tools and
  • Audit and Analysis tools.
Authoring tools create models while audit and analysis tools analyze or add to the richness of information in a model. Most of audit and analysis tools can be used for Design Review and Engineering Analysis BIM uses.
Design authoring tools are a first step towards BIM and the key is connecting 3D model with powerful database of properties, quantities, means and methods, costs and schedules.

Potential Benefits:

[_] Transparency of design for all stakeholders
[_] Better control and quality control of design, cost and schedule
[_] Powerful design visualization
[_] True collaboration between project stakeholders and BIM users
[_] Improved quality control and assurance

Levels of Detail Considerations:

  • AIA E202 - 2008 BIM Exhibit
  • Refer to Model Progression Spec Link
    • LOD 100 - For cost per area and total project construction duration
    • LOD 200 - 3D, but generic models; exterior systems selected
    • LOD 300 - Construction means and methods; dimensions, capacities and connections; clash coordination
    • LOD 400 - Shop drawings and fabrication details; purchase prices of assemblies
    • LOD 500 - As-built or record model for facility operations and maintenance

Team Competencies Required:

  • Trained in BIM authoring tool
  • Construction means and methods
  • Design and construction experience

Characteristics in order to substantiate BIM use:

Project - Any
Organization - Any
Environment - Any
Contract - Any
Process - Any

Potential Modeling Methods: N/A

Potential Outputs:

  • BIM model

Legal / Commitment Considerations:

Additional Resources:

General Description: N/A

Quantitative Studies: N/A

Case Study Examples: N/A

Software Applications:

  • Autodesk Revit
  • Bentley Architecture
  • Allplan
  • ArchiCAD
  • Vectorworks
  • Tekla


Tardif, M. (2008). BIM: Reaching Forward, Reaching Back. AIArchitect This Week. Face of the AIA. AIArchitect