BIM Process Map Templates

The BIM Process Map Templates are currently available in a TIBCO database. TIBCO is a software application which can be downloaded at no cost from the TIBCO website. Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you can then use this template as your workspace.

  • Link to TIBCO Workspace Zip File

The following are links to the current versions of the Process Map Templates as an image. Please note that these template maps are in draft format and are currently undergoing assessment and revision. They should provide a starting point for the planning activities, but the team will need to customize each map to fit the needs of the project.

Level 1:

Level 2 (by phase):
  • Operation
    • Maintenance Scheduling
    • Building System Analysis
    • Record Model
  • Construction
  • Design
  • Plan
    • Programming
    • Site Analysis
  • Multi Phase