BIM Project Execution Planning Procedure

The BIM Project Execution Planning Procedure is a structured method for a project team to design the execution stragy for BIM on a project. This procedure includes four main steps. These steps are:
  1. Identify BIM Goals and Uses
  2. Design the BIM Project Execution Process
  3. Define Information Exchange Requirements
  4. Develop the BIM Project Execution Plan

4 Step Procedure Overview:

The following PowerPoint presentation includes details regarding the four step BIM Project Execution Planning Procedure along with a description of the timing for performing each of the 4 steps during a series of planning meetings between the project team members.

Planning Meeting Draft Agendas:

The project team should collaboratively develop the BIM Project Execution Plan throughout a serious of meeting with all project team members that are stakeholders in the process. This will include the owner, design firms, construction companies, operator, and any other parties that may be involved in the development of the BIM plan. The plan should initially be developed at the beginning of the project, and then monitored and monitored throughout the lifecycle of the project. A draft agenda for a series of three meetings to develop a project execution plan are defined in the links below.

Call for Case Study Projects:

The Penn State research group is currently seeking projects to implement and assess the BIM Project Execution Planning Procedure. To submit a project for consideration, please reference the Call for Case Studies.